Jericho Dead Sea Smoothing Body Scrub


Take it all off! Cellular debris, thickened skin and pore blockages will be swept away with ease when you use our Jericho Dead Sea Smoothing Body Scrub. Small Dead Sea salt crystals in the formula produce friction to gently lift away dead skin and liberate debris from the pores, promoting smoother, silkier skin and helping to keep breakouts at bay. As you massage this luxurious scrub against your skin, you’ll impart the tissue with nutrient-rich plant oils that help to rejuvenate tired, stress skin. You’ll instantly see your skin’s natural glow return. The scrub also boosts blood circulation to the tissue to stimulate repair of damage at the cellular level, providing long-lasting benefits in the fight against signs of aging.

Can be used directly on your skin or create your own Dead Sea bath with adding 2 spoons to the hot water.
500gr / 15 oz

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Jericho Dead Sea Smoothing Body Scrub

  1. Magen Root

    I\’ve tried hips of scrubs and found Jericho\’s to be the only one that is reasonably priced and effective. After the first time my skin felt so smooth I couldn\’t believe it. After the second time I realized its not only smoothing but also clearing the skin. Must be tried.

  2. Hope Dune

    I call this “The magic salt” because only magic could make my skin look and feel like this. I use this Dead Sea salt for for 6 months and I can’t believe the results – my skin is clear, clean, soft and smooth. The natural oils keeps it hydrated so I don’t have to apply body lotion all the time and the scent is divine. I would recommend anyone to try it – it will not fail.

  3. Jane

    Bought this for my sister who has used this before. She swears by it. Says it does wonders on the ingrowns on her legs. Both her and I have bad ingrowns on our legs (hereditary – mum). Last time I looked at her legs she had no ingrowns. I should really invest in this…

  4. Belinda G

    I just have to share how excellent this product is! I could not be more pleased with my skin. It feels soft and hydrated all day no matter how many time I wash my hands. I will definitely be buying from you again.

  5. Patricia Troise

    This beautiful product is one that makes my hands look hydrated and young again. I suffer with extremely dry, rough hands but after using this magnificent product my hands are soft. This is a fabulous item, good for young and old. I cannot survive without it now!!

  6. Helen

    I have several Jericho products now and I love them all. The smoothing body scrub was no different. A beautiful product.

  7. Manda

    Received a pot of this as a Christmas present. Absolutely cannot recommend it highly enough. Not only does it do wonders for my dry skin, breakouts and ingrown hairs, but my other half also loves it. He has had a reocurring rash on his chest, back and underarms the past three years. Doctors prescriptions of creams and ingestibles have left no long term results, it disappears and reappears as soon as the prescription ends. I scrubbed the rash twice with this scrub and the rash has disappeared. Been about 4 weeks since last scrub on him and no signs of it reappearing yet! Definitely has me hooked as a long term user! Thank you Jericho!

  8. Patricia

    This product is amazing. Such a delight to use.

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