6 easy steps for the perfect looking skin

Below is a general face care regime you should follow and get the skin you always wanted:

1. Exfoliation
Exfoliation of the skin affects the epidermis. The primary function of exfoliation is to:
    * Remove dead skin cells
    * Promote new skin cell growth
    * Promote blood circulation
Exfoliating the skin’s surface is an important step in the maintenance of healthy, vibrant looking skin. Products such as Organi Honey facial peel, utilises natural ingredients that gently remove the dead skin cells and nourish underlying layers. Keeping dead skin cells to a minimum allows the skin to be able to breath better, absorb nutrients from moisturisers more easily and reduces the risk of infections. In addition, removal of dead skin cells will reduce the potential for pores to become blocked thus reducing white heads, blackheads and acne.

2. Cleansing
Following exfoliation, cleansing will remove more deep seated dirt and help to free pores of possible obstruction from the stale, natural skin oils and environmental particles that become lodged in the skin’s folds, wrinkles and pores. Jericho Dead Sea foaming facial scrub contains Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin C and chamomile extract for a deep clean of oils, dirt and dead cells which leaves your skin more relaxed, soft and radiant. 

3. Toning
Once the dead skin cells have been removed and the skin cleaned it is important to prevent pores from remaining open. Toning will close opened pores and prevent particles from entering the pores while they are wide open. Jericho Dead Sea Facial Toner eliminates oil and impurities, clean and tone your skin for a healthy, refreshed feeling sensation. Rehydrates skin while neutralizing surface impurities and regenerating skin with healthy nutrients like Aloe Vera and Dead Sea minerals.

4. Nourishing
Using a good serum provides intensive care to treat problem or fragile areas and it aims to penetrate deep into the three layers of the skin to strengthen the cells as well as deliver active ingredients to your skin. Although a moisturizer only helps with the superficial layers of the skin by retaining moisture on the surface of the skin, a good face serum will actually help your moisturizer to penetrate deeper and provide effective hydration. 

5. Moisturising
Moisturisers penetrate the epidermis as they are absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and the nutrients from the herbal extracts and essential oils in these moisturisers have the ability to promote cell growth and collagen production. Moisturisers are an important final step in your daily skin care regime. They moisturise and help protect your skin, they hydrate your skin and nourish the cells and other structures outlined above, thus helping in maintaining the health of your skin.

6. Clay masks
Once or twice a week, a deep cleansing mask should be used on your facial skin and neck. These masks not only help to deeply cleanse your skin, but provide important nutrients to the tissues of your skin and help to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. Using La Mav Organic Clay Masks to remove toxins, dirt and other impurities as well as dead skin cells from your skin, is an ideal way to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalise your facial skin.



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