Apply blush like a Pro

Pick a blush color that is closest to a natural heightened tone of the skin after exercising. This will help to find the color that will resemble your natural complexion and not make the blush look contrived or your face too made up.

Fair toned skin: grayish yellow (beige), sun kissed golden-brown (tawny) and pink tones since these will highlight the lightness of the skin.

Yellow/Olive toned skin: warm brown, almond and copper shades, as these will blend in naturally and smoothly.

Dark toned skin: plum, auburn and deep bronze shades in blush to achieve a glamorous yet warm look.

Rich Sun tanned skin: orange, apricot and coral

Every day use: orange, apricot, peach and coral hues.


Applying Blush Makeup Tricks:

The blush application should be very accurate and blended in well. Always apply the blush after the foundation and the face powder. To ensure an even application apply it with a wide sable brush and tap the excess blush. The blush brush allows you to apply the blusher evenly. They are designed to define the natural curves of the cheekbones . Smile and lightly touch the blush brush on the fatty part of the cheek and gently brush the blusher. Use soft circular motions from the centre of the cheekbones out. Blend as you apply, leaving no obvious color spots. Apply blush where color naturally rises.



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