How to apply Concealer

Most celebrity makeup artists agree that concealer should be reserved for those flaws (pimples, scars, under-eye circles, redness around the nostrils, broken blood vessels, dark inner corners of eyes, etc…) which cannot be covered with a few thin layers of foundation. It should be applied in the same way as foundation, with a thin layer first, totally blended, and then more thin layers as needed. It is always better to apply several thin layers, carefully blending the layers rather than one huge glob. Depending upon the color, you may apply it before or after foundation.

Apply with sponges, brushes, or fingertips, in a thin layer and then add more thin layers if necessary. Always set it with powder. If you wear foundation apply it after and then set both with a powder.

For the most flawless, undetectable application, blend the edges of it into the skin with an eye-shadow brush.

For camouflaging pimples, it is better to apply one that is lighter than your foundation. This will lift the pimple up to skin tone. The foundation is then necessary to hide the concealer.

To cover under-eye circles, do not apply too much, it can make eyes look smaller. Do not use shades lighter than your skin tone on under-eye circles or you will end up with what the industry refers to as “raccoon eyes”. Remember to not cover a blemish so much that you only call attention to it.

For camouflaging birthmarks & scars, apply a thin layer of matt primer just before using a dry concealer to cover the scars. A light shade of concealer for raised scars and a darker shade of indented scars are recommended. Use loose powder to set it.

The places that make a huge difference in your appearance that most gals forget to cover are the dark areas on the sides of your eyes next to your nose. If you follow this best concealer tip and lighten this area up, you will instantly look more attractive.



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