How to choose the right foundation Part B

How to choose the right foundation?  Part B

The second thing you need to consider when selecting a foundation is your skin tone. The right foundation will help your skin appear flawless. Once you have figured out what your skin’s undertones are you can select the best makeup to complement your features. Your choice of foundation color will depend on your natural skin tone and the complexion you want to achieve. Test your foundation in daylight, along your jaw line where the colors of the face and neck merge.

Cool Undertones Vs. Warm Undertones

How do you know what undertones you have? Consider how your skin looks while you are in the sunlight. Do you appear golden or yellowish? Perhaps you notice green or bronze undertones (olive skin). You have warm undertones in your skin if you fall into these categories. If however, your skin appears pink or rosy, red or has beige or brown undertones, your skin is cool.

Selecting The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Once you decide your skin tone you can pick a foundation to match.

Warm toned skin looks best with nude, creamy beige and pink foundation.
Cool shade skin tones look best in porcelain or sandstone hued foundation. Of course, if you are still unsure you can always go for a neutral color that looks good on anyone. Neutral colors include ivory, honey and wheat.

When applying foundation, use the following tips to help ensure the appearance of flawless skin:

1. Find a foundation that matches or complements your skin tone. You can test foundations by applying to your inner arm. The foundation that looks transparent and blends the

best is the one you want to go with.

2. Use moisturizer on your face before applying foundation. Moisturized skin provides a better foundation than dry skin, which will just absorb any foundation you try to apply.

3. Apply foundation to your hands and gentle dab to your face including your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Be sure to minimize the amount of foundation you apply to your eye area. Foundation also belongs on the lips and eyelids. It will help your lipstick stay put and provide a smoother canvas when you apply your eye shadow.

4. Use a light dusting of powder to set your foundation. If you need to use a concealer, apply the concealer over your foundation but under your powder.

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