How to Pick the Right Shade of Concealer

Offering more coverage than a foundation, concealer is ideal for camouflaging facial imperfections. It will neutralize and balance the look of a blemish and those dreaded under-eye circles. When choosing a concealer, you should consider both consistency and color. If you are covering major under eye circles, you’re going to want a concealer that provides major coverage. Yellow-toned products are your best bet for covering up under eye circles, according to makeup artist Bobbie Brown. Orange-based tones blend best into dark or black skin. You want a shade or two lighter than your foundation. When choosing a color, stay away from white! It will only draw attention to the very things you are trying to hide. It will also make you look pale and wan. Test color on the area of your neck below your ear. Again, the color should be a slight lighter than your foundation. If you go too light, you risk looking like a vampire.

1. Consider concealers that are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Remember that the idea is to make a darker spot blend into your complexion.

2. Select a concealer most appropriate for the area you wish to cover. A creamier version is recommended for the delicate under-eye area, while a drier formula is better suited to other facial skin.

3. Test variations of a yellow-based concealer, since white, green and pink concealers can leave you with colored rather than concealed imperfections.

4. Go a shade darker during the summer months, when you have a little more color to your skin.


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