Marine Collagen for a youthful skin

Jericho_Premium_Marine_CollagenSagging and wrinkling is a natural part of aging, largely caused by collagen and elastin loss.
Find out how they work and how to boost their production, so skin looks young and firm.

MYTH: Some companies imply that collagen can support the skin’s own collagen network. Others claim it can be absorbed to moisturize skin.

FACT: The collagen in creams and lotions acts like any protein ingredient in that it merely provides a coating on the skin’s surface (Chase). The collagen molecule cannot penetrate your skin because it is much too large to be absorbed by the epidermis (Brumberg). 
Collagen, elastin, or other proteins and amino acids cannot get into the skin through topical application. The molecules of these substances are simply too large to penetrate your skin (Novick).


What is Collagen?

Collagen means “glue producer”. Kolla is Greek for glue.
The most important building block in the entire animal world, collagen is the tie that binds the animal kingdom together. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin. Collagen controls cell shape and differentiation, migration, and the synthesis of a number of proteins. When the body needs to build any new cellular structure as in the healing process, collagen and/or collagen fragments will play a central role.


Skin Collagen

Collagen is very important for the skin. Indeed, it is the principal structural protein holding the skin together. The quantity and quality of our skin’s collagen has a major role in our appearance. Therefore, it may be tempting to think that simply getting more collagen into the skin should lead to dramatic rejuvenating effects. While there is a grain of truth to that, things are more complicated than they look as far as collagen is concerned. 

Types of Collagen & Ageing process

Overall, the amount of collagen in the skin tends to decline with age. However, different types of collagen behave differently. In particular, a child’s skin has a lot of collagen III, the type is common in fast growing tissues. As the body growth slows down, the skin content of type III collagen declines, while that of type I increases. In fact, type I collagen continues to build up until about the age of 35, when the skin reaches the peak of its mechanical strength. After that, type I begins to decline as well. 

Marine collagen Booster

Is known as the best source of collagen for human skin. Therefore there is a need of technology that would have to be more with actually getting the skin to open up. Marine Collagen Silanetriol/Polypeptides is designed to stimulate Type III collagen deep down within the skin. The enhancement comes from a concentration of extrinsic native proteins from marine collagen, which is known as the best source of collagen. (Jericho Premium designed a special formulated marine collage booster with dead sea minerals and plant extracts).

How a Combination of marine collagen with

the technology of polypeptides will help our skin:

· Stimulates collagen production and elastin collagen thickening

· Encourages skin renewal and minimize muscle contractions

· Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines

· Helps provide long-term improvements in deeper wrinkles.

· Helps prevent collagen and elastin breakdown to firm the skin


Pure Marine Collagen Selanitriol will help accelerate collagen synthesis and elastin collagen thickening, encourage skin renewal and reduce skin muscle contraction. Because of pure concentration, many women could see the results of skin elasticity and plumpness just over a night of application.

Try Jericho Premium Marine Collagen booster for a firmer, younger looking skin.

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