The brush and its purpose

The brush and its purpose

Makeup brushes are useful aids that can be used to apply makeup in the right way. Different makeup brushes have different uses and are of different types. They help you achieve precision and accuracy while applying makeup. Using the right makeup brush can give you results similar to makeup applied by a professional makeup artist, where the canvas is your skin.
In the following article you will know the best basic tools to help you create the makeup effect you want. Have fun!

Face brushes

Depending upon the area to which makeup is to be applied, various types of brushes are designed.

a.    Foundation brush – Is a large, smooth brush used to apply liquid or cream foundation over the face and neck. Perfect for creating a smooth, even application.

b.    Powder brush – The big fluffy brush used to dust loose powder over your face, setting your makeup and eliminating any shine.

c.     Camouflage flat brush / Concealer brush – A tapered brush used to apply concealer to areas of imperfection on the face with precision. This brush effectively helps
        cover blemishes, spots, and imperfect skin tone.

d.    Angle cheek brush / blush brush / Contour brush – A blush brush can be either big and fluffy, or small and angled. Blusher brushes are soft & used to apply blush /
       Contour / Bronzer evenly over the temples and cheekbones.


Eye brushes

Several types of makeup brushes are designed specifically for use in the eye area.

1. Smudge Brushes


a.    Oval fluff brush 08

b.    Chisel fluff brush


Smudge brushes are typically flat and made of short hairs. Occasionally they may appear to be rounded in shape, but their overall look is flat. These brushes are ideal for the following uses: Perfect for applying your your favourite shade of eye color along the crease or the lash line for an all over blending. A must when you’re wearing more than one eye color or for
“smoky look”. 

 2. Angle Brushes

Use the angle brushes to define the lash line, the brows and the crease. The bristles of the brush are typically flat and slightly firm to the touch allowing the brush to fit easily into hard-to-reach spots, like the corners of the eyelid and around the lashes. Great for applying powder eye liner at the base of the lashline or for pushing color into the roots of the lashes to make
lashes look thicker. 

a.    Angle brush 06

b.    Angle brush 08


3. Eye Shadow Brush

These types of brushes pick up and deposit color with greater efficiency than typical sponge applicators. Available in a variety of sizes, eye shadow brushes may feature slightly angled or tapered hairs.

a.    Shader brush

b.    Deluxe crease brush


4. Eyeliner Brush

Its narrow shape ensures precise, clean. These thin brushes are appropriate for liquid, gel and cream liners with precision.

a.    Liner brush


Lips brushes

A lip brush is a fine, soft and tapered brush that can be used to apply lipstick or lip gloss to the lips. They help blend in the lipstick with the lip liner to give a smooth and even finish to the lips.

a.    Dome lip brush


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