Jericho Dead Sea Eye Gel


It’s time to say goodbye to eye puffiness and dark circles, but don’t worry, you won’t miss them. Our Jericho Dead Sea Paraben Free & Fragrance Free Eye Gel  will help to renew, refresh and rejuvenate the tissue around your eyes to leave you looking more youthful and radiant. The formula contains real Dead Sea minerals, which have been used for centuries to promote healthy skin and address chronic skin conditions. The blend of minerals has a soothing effect upon the eye area and increases circulation to the under eye tissue. Luxurious olive oil is added to the formula to drench your skin in moisture, improving its suppleness and making it more resistant to wrinkling. Free of irritants, the formula will forever transform your eye area.
RRP $110 50gr / 1.76 oz

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Jericho Dead Sea Eye Gel

  1. Carmel Arcangel

    This eye cream is the best I have tried. I have repurchased this over and over. It’s refreshing, silky texture is perfect for the delicate eye area.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Cheryl

    awesome product shipped quickly

  3. Lesley Atkinson

    I have been using your eye gel for 18 months. It was the first Jericho product I was exposed to. I now use a full range of products and are absolutely satisfied. My skin is looking so much better. Thank you

  4. SueJess

    I have been using this as a special treat for when I go out. I just put aroubd my eyes abd within 10 minutes all my lines are GONE. This is truly a miracle for me. I like to look younger when I am dressed up and this gel is the bomb. I also put a little on my chin, lip and forehead which makes a huge difference. Whoever buys this will love the effects. 5 stars from me!

  5. Glenyce

    I was first introduced to this product while holidaying in Hawaii and have used it ever since. Just love it! The puffiness around my eyes disappears within minutes. Now I know that it’s available online I’ll be ordering other products too

  6. Sue

    Is it my imagination or am I looking fresher already?
    I have only had my eye gel for 2 weeks so perhaps a bit early to tell. It is a beautiful light gel, very nice on such a sensative area as your eyes. Bought the men’s gel for my husband who has VERY puffy eyes … we’ll see.

  7. Debbie Shipston

    I have been using this product for a number of years now. I am a teacher, and constantly students are commenting that I look younger than my age – I’m sure it is because I don’t have wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes!!! (even after long stints of report writing!)

  8. Chris

    I have been using this product for awhile with great results. Takes the puffiness away. Purchasing the product from the Mineral Miracle on line was so much cheaper then in the department store and it was delivered really quickly. Highly recommend!

  9. Blanka

    I’ve been buying this product for years – definitely the best I’ve ever used. I don’t react to it (and I do to some others) and it really feels like it keeps me looking younger! Once I had a money problem and had to stop using it for a year but I really noticed that the other eye creams just weren’t as good in keeping my eye area looking fresh and younger. I just had to start buying it again, despite having a tighter money situation. Only thing lately is that it seems to have some little tiny bits in it occasionally that don’t seem to dissolve – this wasn’t the case a few years ago.

  10. jane mihalopoulos

    Best eyecream i have ever purchased and i have purchased a few from to high priced department stores to chemists brands and this one is the best,you start seeing results straight away,and after a few weeks you can noticably see a huge difference,highly recommend this product.

  11. Christine Adam

    I am 62 yrs of age and was recently approached in a shopping centre by a very skillful sales person who complimented my skin, but pointed out Icould use their cream around the eyes.. and without further ado, quickly managed to dab the Eye gel under one eye, much to my horror as I hate creams around my eyes. Some glib talking sales talk, a rapid reduction in price when I firmly declined to purchase…. Yet, as convinced as I was not to buy anything, being on a tight budget, thereduction in price tempted me and yes, I ended up walking away with a jar of the eye gel. Initially I was horrified that I did as I had managed for months to thwart their efforts to buy their products and do not usually fall for the usual sales talk . That was about 3 weeks ago. Let me tell you, I was a converted by the evening of the first trial asI found out that it does last the distance. It is beautifully light, readily absorbed with no greasy feelings at all , it visibly smoothes out the fine lines and all in all, I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I use it day and night and can see the difference. I even dab some around the lines around the mouth and I think it is fantastic. I can see that the jar will go a long way as you use such a little quantity.

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